About Us

PlantsBank is an organization specialized in collecting and preserving the seeds of perennial wild plants.
Our experience began in 2011, when we collected many varieties of wild seeds in Morocco, especially from the Atlas mountains and the national parks. Afterwards, we re-cultivate certain varieties to ensure their continuity.
We also work in the field of protecting biodiversity and spreading the culture of love of nature by organizing seminars, workshops, trips and excursions to forests and protected areas for the benefit of the interested and also school students.
Our headquarters are located in Marrakesh, Morocco, where we carry out storage, agriculture and scientific research with the participation of researchers from the university of qadi ayad and the national agricultural research institute.
We also collect many varieties of perennial plants, ornamental and medicinal herbs from around the world.
Our goal is to preserve the seeds of wild and rare plants scattered on the planet.

Our Teams

Aabderrazak Aafaf
Website Manager
Hajar Sebban

Hicham Rida

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