Understanding Hydroponics, How to grow plants in water

3. Advantages of hydroponic growing

  • Hydroponic plants generally grow faster than those grown in soil, because the energy used by the roots to look for nutrients in the soil is saved in hydroponics and is better used for fruit and flower production
  • It is ideal for small living spaces and indoor gardening
  • It attracts fewer pests and diseases
  • It saves water and uses about 90% less water than traditional methods of soil growing
  • It requires little maintenance
  • Good oxygenation of the roots

4. Advantages of soil growing

  • Lower installation cost
  • Less use of fertilizer
  • No need to control the pH or the EC, because of the buffering effect of the soil

5. Disadvantages of hydroponic growing

  • High cost of installation and maintenance (especially for the commercial crops)
  • Non-waste control, especially with the use of certain non-biodegradable substrates
  • Obligation to control pH and EC
  • Use of fertilizers

6. Disadvantages of soil growing

  • Difficulty managing fertilizer and watering for a beginner
  • More exposure to pests and diseases
  • No choice of substrate

The most important thing to retain is that plant cultivation can be done in many different ways. So it’s up to you to choose your preferred method according to your material means and your skills.

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