What if money grows on trees? What if we can harvest luck instead of an apple? Of course these are unattainable supernatural wishes, but these 10 plants can really attract luck, happiness and money, are easy to care for and can add a splash of color to your home. Lets discover more about this!

Did you already heard about the feng-shui? The positive environmental energy? It’s a Chinese philosophy of life to live in harmony with nature by keeping plants and natural objects within homes. The Feng-shui plants are used especially for their wonderful benefits and for their ability to promote positive energy at home.

So firstly lets explain more, how plants can have these magic effects!

  • Nowadays, our homes are more exposed to different sources of Chemical Pollution (Dye, dust, plastics, cleaning products, flooring…). This pollution affects our concentration, our sleep and our health. But due to these plants the ambient air will be purified and moistened and gives a sensation of freshness and relaxation.
  • Computers, laptops, phones, tablets and relay antennas, the Electromagnetic Pollution has become among the most dangerous to human health. Fortunately for us, there are depolluting plants that can absorb electromagnetic waves and save us from their harmful effects.
  • The effect of Greenery is real and proved by science. By having plants you can create a structured atmosphere that raise your moral, speeds up the recovery from illnesses, eases fatigue, stress and anxiety and brings a sense of balance and inner well-being.
  • Noise reduction is another benefit of plants. They act as natural sound reducers by deflection, absorption, or refraction of the sound waves. No Noise means peaceful and relaxing home.
  • Plant care = self care, What is more beautiful than taking care of a living being which in return gives us colors and beauty, comfort and inner satisfaction.

Given these facts, we can conclude that plants act positively on us, help us think better and smarter, increase our creativity and our productivity and enhance our concentration and memory. That’s mean more work, more productivity, more friendliness, more happiness and more luck, says “the law of attraction”.

The best plants are chosen especially for their function and their shape. Leaves of plants that look like coins or gems are associated to wealth, those that grow quickly in height attracts luck and those that look like a heart attracts love.

Take a note and lets discover which are the most lucky plants to consider!

1. LUCKY BAMBOO ( Dracaena sanderiana )

lucky plant Dracaena sanderiana

Dracaena sanderiana: This fascinating houseplant is the best for attracting luck and represents strength, longevity and prosperity. It is easy to grow in zones nine and above, in low light and needs some trimming from time to time. It is recommended to put lucky bamboo in water (with stones to anchor) in beautiful glass container, change the water and clean the container monthly.

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