Vaseline In The Garden: 10 Vaseline Uses and Hacks For Every Gardener

Garden vaseline
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Garden vaseline: Vaseline is a soft and creamy substance whose moisturizing and nourishing properties are particularly appreciated throughout the world. It is a mixture of mineral oils and waxes forming a semi-solid jelly-like substance. This product hasn’t changed much since it was first discovered in 1859. However, there is an unexpected fact that you may not know and it is in particular the use of vaseline in the garden. This fatty substance is extremely versatile and its mission is to protect plants, as well as to banish some garden pests. Here are some awesome vaseline uses and hacks that really work!

Best vaseline uses for the garden

1- Vaseline to keep the garden tools rust free

keep the garden tools rust free
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In addition to acting as a treatment for dry hands, Vaseline also has several uses in the garden that should not be underestimated. To prevent rust from setting in on a garden tool you don’t use much, put a very thin layer of Vaseline on the tool’s blades and edges before storing it in a room with as little humidity as possible.

2- Vaseline to protect your garden from insects

protect your garden from insects
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Some insects and pests can climb the stem of plants or the trunk of shrubs. These pets (aphids, scale insects, spiders, fleas, etc.) spend their time hovering around plants and can disturb their growth. In this case, and to protect your plants, vaseline will be very effective. So, cover the stem or trunk with vaseline, avoiding getting it on the leaves. Thus, no insect will be able to climb along with the plant or shrub. Repeat this operation every 3 or 4 days.

3- Vaseline to keep squirrels away

keep squirrels away
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To keep squirrels away from feeders and birdhouses, simply coat them with vaseline. This will create a slippery surface that will prevent squirrels from accessing the feeder. A chemical-free, safe, and natural trick to keep squirrels away from feeders or anywhere else you don’t want them to be. Rest assured, the texture is not toxic to this animal. It will only prevent them from stealing food from the birds.

4- Vaseline to relieve insect bites quickly

Relieve insect bites quickly
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When you take care of your plants in the garden, you can be stung by a mosquito, a wasp, or any other insect. But here is another useful use of vaseline jelly that might come to your aid this time. The next time you get bitten by something, apply some vaseline jelly to the bite and the itch and pain will go away immediately.

5- Vaseline to make fake plants clean and shiny

Garden vaseline

Do you have artificial plants that attract too much dust? Don’t worry, you can restore them to their first-day shine. Rubbing a little vaseline on the leaves of real plants can be harmful. However, you can make your fake plants look shiny and natural by rubbing a little vaseline.

6- Vaseline to repel snails and slugs

repel snails and slugs
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In the family of garden pests, there are also slugs and snails that are not welcome in the garden. All you can do to get rid of them is apply a coat of vaseline jelly mixed with salt on surfaces frequented by slugs and snails.

7- Vaseline to treat and moisturize your hands after gardening

treat and moisturize your hands after gardening
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Gardening can be quite a tough job for the well-being of your hands. Forget ultra expensive creams to soften and relieve your hands after gardening because vaseline might help. Dermatologists recommend Vaseline for dry skin and eczema. It is safe from chemicals and inexpensive.

8- Vaseline to keep ants away

keep ants away
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Ants are among the parasites and pests that plants fear. Especially in hot weather, they arrive in droves. The thick and sticky texture of vaseline makes ants unable to move. So, to keep ants away from the garden, just put vaseline jelly around plants and pots.

9- Vaseline to fix your squeaky garden door, window or swing

ix your squeaky garden door, window or swing
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Are you tired of hearing your garden door, window or swing creak? Fix them easily, quickly and effectively by applying a layer of Garden Vaseline to them. Thanks to the lubrication effect of this cream, no more squeaking.

10- Vaseline to get rid of whiteflies

get rid of whiteflies
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Vaseline can also be used to make a sticky trap for flying insects that devastate the garden, such as whiteflies. To effectively get rid of these insects, take a yellow cup or tumbler and cover it with petroleum jelly. The latter will then act as a sticky substance. Place the cup upside down on a stick to support it. Note that you can also replace the cup with a yellow card that you attach to the stick. Why yellow? Quite simply because this color strongly attracts whiteflies. This is the smartest way to trap them!

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