Anacyclus pyrethrum . Depressus

Anacyclus pyrethrum . Depressus

Anacyclus pyrethrum Depressus is a medicinal herb. The stem of this perennial plant is short, the leaves are grey-green, the flowers often painted white and the achene is triangular and obovate. It is an aesthetic and floriferous plant perfect for rock gardens and dry soils.


Common NamePellitory,
Spanish chamomile
Mount Atlas daisy
Botanical nameAnacyclus Pyrethrum
. Depressus

Life CyclePerennial
Basic Colourwhite, yellow, violet
Height <15 cm
Rustic stone soil
Altitude400 -> 3000 m
Bloom Time April -> September
Plant TypeHerbs, Ornemental,
Medicinal, Toxic
Fruit TypeAchene
different tolerancesHardy
Used PartsFlower, Leaf,
Seed, Root
Whole plant
Plant UsesMedicine, Culinary,
Fodder, Tea,
Ornamental, biological
Active substancesPyrethrins
USDA Zone5 (-29), 7 (-17)
Sun ExposureSun
Soil pHAcidic, Neutral, Alkaline
Soil MoistureDry
Soil Type Sandy, Peaty, Stony
Propagationby seeds / by sowing
Self sows, by Cuttings
GerminationCold Germinator,
Fast Germinator

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