Andryala integrifolia

Andryala integrifolia

Andryala integrifolia commonly named Hoary andryala is an annual to biennial plant with solitary, simple or very branched stems up to 40 cm. The plant is extremely hairy with alternate lanceolate hairy leaves and yellow flowers grouped into corymbs. It produces an achene of 1,5 mm covered with greenish hair. This lovely species tends to frequent stony pastures, ditches, sandy soils and other light dry soils.


Common NameCommon Andryala
Botanical nameAndryala integrifolia
Life CycleAnnual, Biennial
Basic Colouryellow / gold
Height30 -> 80 cm
Stony and rocky ground
Altitude800 -> 1300 m
Bloom TimeApril -> August
Plant TypeHerbs, Toxic
Fruit TypeAchene
different tolerancesHardy
Active substanceshydrogen cyanide
USDA Zone9 (-7)
Sun Exposurefull sun
Soil pHAcidic, Neutral
Soil MoistureDry, Moist
Soil Type Sandy, Stony, Rocky
Propagationby seeds / by sowing,
Self sows
GerminationFast Germinator

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