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Cornus mas - plants bank
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Cornus mas description

Cornus mas, known also as Cornerial cherry or Sorbet edible Dogwood, is a perennial flowering plant belonging to the dogwood family Cornaceae. This species native to Europe and Asia is a medium to large deciduous shrub or small tree that can reach 10m height. 

Also, this wonderful plant has oval, dark green leaves that turn purple in autumn and give it a beautiful fall color. In addition to this, it is very interesting for its small rounded clusters of tiny, bright yellow, fragrant and melliferous flowers as well as its olive-shaped red fruits which are fleshy and edible. The berries only fully ripen after they fall from the tree. When ripe, the fruits become dark ruby red or a bright yellow.

Moreover, this very hardy plant is characterized by its resistance and longevity and can live up to 100 years! Then, its wood is also very hardy and durable, used for centuries for construction of weapons.


Common NameCornelian cherry, Cherry dogwood
Botanical nameCornus mas
Life CyclePerennial
Basic ColourRed, yellow, green
Height -> 10 m
Habitatforest hedges, steppe shrubs, light woodlands
Altitude0 – 1500 m
Bloom TimeFebruary – March
Plant TypeShrubs, Tree, Ornemental, Outdoor, Aromatic, Medicinal
Fruit TypeBerry
different tolerancesHardy
Used PartsFlower, Leaf, bark, Stem, Fruit, Twig, Peel, Branches, Whole plant
Plant UsesPharmacopeae, Culinary, Edible fruit, Perfumery, crafts, Ornamental, construction
Active substancesTell us
USDA Zone4 (-35) – 8 (-12)
Sun Exposurefull sun, Part shade
Soil pHNeutral
Soil MoistureMoist, Well drained
Soil Type Sandy, Silty, Clayey, Peaty
Propagationby sowing, by Cuttings, by grafting
GerminationTell us
Pests/ DiseasesPests and diseases free
Cornus mas - plants bank
via pixabay

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