Crassula tomentosa

Crassula tomentosa - plants bank
by enchanted_ladybird

Crassula tomentosa description

Crassula tomentosa, known commonly as woolly Crassula, is a perennial or biennial plant belonging to the Crassulaceae family. Also, this fascinating succulent is native to Southern Namibia and Republic of South Africa. This Crassula species forms small and very aesthetic colonies that suits for indoor and outdoor gardens.

Furthermore, Woolly Crassula produces tight and densely branched rosettes of fleshy, clam-shaped, greyish-green leaves covered with very small white hairs. Also, this plant is a monocarpic species which flowers only once in life, sets seeds and then dies. Moreover, white to yellowish flowers are produced on unbranched spike-like thyrses with pedunculate lower dichasia during early to mid-summer. Finally, the produced fruit is usually capsular with dehiscent follicles.

This beautiful succulent can easily be grown from leaf cuttings, so keep it dry and put it on a sunny window-sill or greenhouse for the best plant shape. 


Common NameWoolly Crassula
Botanical nameCrassula tomentosa
Family Crassulaceae
Life CyclePerennial, Biennial,
Basic Colourwhite, yellow, green, grey
Height30 ->60 cm
HabitatStony slopes, sheltered rock crevices, under overhanging rocks
AltitudeTell us
Bloom TimeApril – June
Plant TypeSucculents, Ornemental, Outdoor, Indoor
Fruit TypeFollicle
different tolerancesHardy
Used PartsWhole plant
Plant UsesOrnamental
Active substancesTell us
USDA Zone9 (-7) – 11 (+4),
Sun ExposureSun, light shade
Soil pHNeutral, Acidic
Soil MoistureDry
Soil Type Sandy, Stony
Propagationby seeds / by sowing, by leaf cuttings
GerminationTell us
Pests/ DiseasesMealybugs
Crassula tomentosa - plants bank
by plantedbylove

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