Flowers in a vase: How to keep fresh cut flowers

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Fresh cut flowers: Bouquets of cut flowers, collected or offered, bring joy to the house and to the heart. A bouquet of fresh flowers will not live forever but it can decorate your home much longer if you know how to maintain it. Some varieties will keep for about a week, while other varieties of flowers can keep for up to fifteen days. 

In this article, you will find our step-by-step guide and top tips to learn how to keep flowers fresh, especially cut flowers.

How to make flowers last longer

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  1. Stem maintenance

Before putting your flower or bouquet of flowers in a vase, it is essential to maintain the stems. The first step is to remove the lower leaves so that they do not soak in the water once in the vase. Then, in the second step, and even if the florist has already done it when preparing the bouquet, it is necessary to cut the stems of your flowers about two centimetres and at an angle, which will facilitate the absorption of water. For this, preferably don’t use the secateurs or a pair of scissors because they can crush the stems, but use a sterilized and very sharp knife which will allow a clean cut. 

  1. Clean your vase 

To keep a bouquet of fresh cut flowers, you obviously need a vase. Choose a suitable one for your bouquet. For that, respect a simple rule: the height of the vase must be at least half the length of the stems. Furthermore, clean your vase with hot water and a little liquid soap then Allow airing dry.

  1. Water
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Fill the vase with fresh or room temperature water. However, it is preferable to use lukewarm water around 38-40° C, because the plant absorbs it much better than cold water which is denser. Since oxygen is more soluble in cold water, there is a risk of the formation of air bubbles in the stem. Afterwards, Let the water settle before adding your flowers. This will allow air bubbles to escape, otherwise, they can block your bouquet’s water absorption.

Some flowers, like tulips, don’t like their stems submerged, so just put a little water in the bottom of the vase (about 5cm) and top it up regularly. For other flowers, especially roses, fill the vase so that two-thirds of the height of the stems are submerged.

  1. Food for cut flowers
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If you buy your fresh cut flowers, the florist will probably give you a sachet containing an additive. This powder, dissolved in water, prevents diseases from developing while nourishing your flowers. If you get the flowers as a gift, you can prepare your own solution. It consists mainly of bleach (to get rid of bacteria), sugar (for energy) and citric acid (to dissolve air bubbles and balance the pH level of water). This keeps a bouquet of flowers much longer. Then put flowers in water directly.

  1. Perfect location

Fresh cut flowers in a vase are sensitive to temperature changes and fear of heat. Put them in a cool place, away from drafts, direct sunlight and heaters. Also keep them away from fruit, as ripening fruit emits ethylene which is harmful to many cut flowers. At night, place them in a cool room if possible.

  1. In short
  • Change the water in the vase every two days.
  • Rinse the vase after each water change.
  • Rinse the stems.
  • Remove the leaves at the bottom of the stems so that they do not soak in water. Because they make the water rot faster.
  • Cut the stems bevelled over 1 or 2 cm.
  • Place a small piece of charcoal in the mud water to prevent the water from stagnating.
  1. Make dried flowers
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Finally, before your flowers fade and to keep a bouquet for an exceptional occasion, you can dry your bouquet. How to do it? Tie the flowers with a string and hang them upside down in a dark place or in complete darkness. A few days or weeks later depending on the variety of flowers, your bouquet will be dried.

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