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It’s no longer a secret for anyone, bees are threatened with EXTINCTION. Bees have a vital role in the food chain and biodiversity, and are essential for the balance of ecosystems. No bees means no pollination, no plant reproduction, no fruits, no vegetables, no food and no humans, This phenomenon is due to chemical, sonorous and electronic pollution, rising of watertemperatures and urbanization.

The survival of bees depends on humans who themselves depend on these creatures, Therefore each of us must adopt gestures that protect the world’s bees. Here are some actions that you can do to save our friends bees.

1- Say NO to pesticides

Not only bees but all fauna and flora suffer from the use of pesticides and phytosanitary products. These products also endanger our health and our lives. Use natural alternatives, they are less harmful and can restore soil nutrients.

2- Create a garden with bee friendly plants and flowers

Plant different varieties of plants and flowers in your garden, or your balconies and terraces if you don’t have enough space, bees will be grateful. Meliferplants are the best because they are rich in pollen, protein and nectar. The presence of trees is also indispensable since they constitute a favorable habitat for bees and provide them with hundreds of blossoms to feed from.

Ideal plants to sow:

  • Thyme, verbena, oregano, sage, hawthorn, mint, lavender, lilac, rosemary, dahlia, poppies, malus, blackthorn, honeysuckle and fuchsia.

Reserve a wild space in a corner of your garden; it will quickly become the favorite area for bees and other insects. Make sure you’ll have blooms for bees year round.

3- Create a Bee bath

Installing a water point allows bees to drink during the warm days of summer and also dilute the honey to feed the larvae. Put a shallow basin of water covered with little stones, so bees won’t drown.

4- Adopt a Hive

Why not install a honeybee hive in your garden? You can make it yourself or buy it from the store. If you are not interested in becoming a beekeeper, by installing this hive you will save bees while providing them a place to live especially during the winter. Don’t panic, these bees don’t sting if they aren’t attacked.

5- Buy local honey

The consumption of honey indirectly helps beekeepers and encourages them to raise more bees and install more hives to produce more honey. You have just to choose your honey carefully and to check its origin.

6- Eat locally grown and organic products

Supporting sustainable, organic and diversified agriculture is one of the most effective ways to help bees. By eating these products we contribute to the preservation of the species.

7- Talk about bees

Inform your entourage of the need to preserve bees and pollinating insects. Educate and sensitize your relatives and your children about the important role that bees play in the agricultural and economic sectors as well as in the preservation of biodiversity.
Sharing this article is a great way to start. Who knows? Maybe we really could make adifference!

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