Kitchen Plants: 10 Best Ornamental Houseplants For Your Kitchen

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Kitchen plants: Decorative or useful, plants are ideal for bringing nature indoors. In order to make these plants feel at home and fully flourish, you must take good care of them, and sometimes it is useful to have the right advice adapted to each houseplant.

Have you finally decided to get some indoor plants? but have you taken into account the choice of the appropriate place in the house for each one? For example, the kitchen is generally a bright and cool place, except when the stoves are running! The plants that are placed in the kitchen must therefore be able to withstand rapid temperature changes and sometimes very high degrees. Let’s also not forget the humidity that can be released. So, kitchen plants should be chosen from tropical or robust species, that is to say, plants that adapt to variations in heat and high humidity.

Find out in this article 10 houseplants that are ideal for the kitchen and easy to care for.

10 best kitchen plants


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Tradescantia is one of the indoor plants that does not need a lot of light to flourish. Very easy to grow, it has the reputation of being indestructible. This plant features green leaves, streaked with bands that can be white, pale pink, pale green, or silver. The optimum temperature for this plant varies between 10°C and 22°C. Water it once a week throughout the year and fertilize it monthly. 


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Ferns are among the best indoor kitchen plants. They require very little maintenance and liquid fertilization once a week. Their pretty little leaves carried by stems will enhance your kitchen. If you like hanging plants, you can also hang them from the ceiling, on a high cabinet or a beam, for example, the leaves will fall nicely. Spray foliage with non-calcareous water and add houseplant fertilizer between spring and autumn.


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The most beautiful quality of Chlorophytum or spider plant is to resist more or less to everything, in addition to belonging to the family of depolluting plants. It is also among the best kitchen window plants. In other words, we put it in the kitchen and we water it from time to time, it takes care of the rest, even when we don’t really have a green hand. Moreover, its pretty drooping cream veined leaves add a nice effect on the counter or at the top of a cupboard.


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Pothos is an easy to grow and to care for houseplant. This pretty green plant with heart-shaped leaves marbled with yellow needs average light, occasional watering and normal temperatures. It will be perfect in the kitchen, especially on a piece of furniture or a shelf from where its falling leaves can add a wonderful touch to the decor.


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With its large leaves with a lighter heart, the Dieffenbachia will stylize your kitchen. It is often recommended to all those who do not have a green hand because it is robust and easy to maintain. Water it generously in spring-summer (2-3 times a week) and reduce the frequency in winter. Try to maintain a humid atmosphere around the pot. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight as this dries out the leaves.


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Spathiphyllum or Peace lily is an easy care, low light houseplant. This exotic plant can be installed in the kitchen, provided that it is not too hot (the temperature must be between 16 to 17°C). You can place it near a north-facing window and not near a heater where the air is too dry. In addition to being decorative with its pretty white flowers and elongated shiny green leaves, it is classified as a depolluting plant.


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Dracaena is the most well-known depolluting green plant, and with its large size, it can be grown in a pot in a corner of the kitchen. This pretty plant with long leaves will be a great way to vegetate the room while absorbing polluting substances. It is also easier to maintain, you just have to place it in a sunny place, turn the pot regularly and water from time to time to enjoy it!


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We love it in the kitchen for its large exotic leaves. This plant is one of the plants that are rather easy to care for. It is also a tolerant plant that thrives easily in a sunny room or in direct sunlight. You just need to water it regularly in summer and once a week in winter. If the air is too dry and the leaves fall off or turn yellow, mist them twice a week.


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Hyacinth is a fragrant flowering plant in the family Asparagaceae that will bring some color to your kitchen. The dry air of houses is well suited for the hyacinth, but be careful not to place it too close to a heat source. Water every 3 days when the plant is in flower and bring a universal liquid fertilizer as soon as the flower buds point.


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Succulents are perfect for adding a touch of exoticism to your kitchen. They require very little maintenance and medium brightness and are perfect for decorating a shelf, a piece of furniture or a worktop. They are also good window plants. You have just to choose big or small house plants depending on the surface of your kitchen. In summer, a little water once a week is enough. In winter, the succulents go into rest, do not water them.

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