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Nerium oleander

Nerium oleander

Nerium oleander is an evergreen shrub or small tree belonging to the Apocynaceae family. All parts of the plant are very poisonous; however, Oleander can be used for medicinal purpose. It has green-grey, simple, narrow and short-stalked leaves. It have also five-petaled tubular flowers grouped in clusters and can be red or pink in the wild, and white, yellow or purple in cultivars. The fruit consists of a pair of follicles.


Common NameNerium/ Oleander
Botanical nameNerium oleander
Life CyclePerennial
Basic ColourWhite / pink / Red
Yellow / Purple
Height2 -> 6 m
HabitatAlong rivers and streams
AltitudeTell us
Bloom TimeJune -> October
Plant TypeShrub, small tree,
Outdoor, Toxic
Fruit TypeFollicle
different tolerancesTell us
Used PartsWhole plant
Plant UsesMedicine, Ornamental
Active substancesTell us
USDA Zone8 (-12), 9 (-7)
Sun ExposureSun, Part shade,
light shade
Soil pHNeutral
Soil MoistureDry, Moist
Soil Type Mixture
Propagationby seeds / by sowing,
Self sows
GerminationTell us
Pests/ Diseasesred spider and mealybugs

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