Polygonum bistorta

Polygonum bistorta

Polygonum bistorta, commonly known as common bistort, European bistort or meadow bistort, is a semi-evergreen herbaceous belonging to Polygonaceae family. It is known by its basal foliage consisting of dark-green, large and lanceolate leaves. The leafless stem bears hermaphrodite pink flowers clustered in a spike. It is cultivated as a culinary and medicinal plant.


Common Namecommon bistort,
European bistort,
meadow bistort
Botanical namePolygonum bistorta
Life CyclePerennial
Basic Colourpink
Height20 -> 80 cm
HabitatMeadows and
mountainous areas
Altitude2400 m
Bloom TimeMay -> October
Plant TypeHerb, Medicinal
Fruit TypeAchene
different tolerancesTell us
Used PartsFlower, Leaf,
Stem, Root
Plant UsesMedicine , Culinary
Active substancesTannin, starch,
gallic acids,
oxalic acid
USDA Zone3 (-40), 4 (-35),
5 (-29), 6 (-23)
Sun ExposureSun, Part shade
Soil pHNeutral
Soil MoistureDry, Moist
Soil Type Silty, Peaty
Propagationby seeds / by sowing,
by division, Self sows
GerminationTell us
Pests/ DiseasesTell us

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