Ranunculus bulbosus

Ranunculus bulbosus

Ranunculus bulbosus, commonly known as bulbous buttercup or St. Anthony’s turnip, is a perennial bulbous plant reaching 60 cm tall. The stems are erect and long-branched and bear alternate simple and compound leaves. The flowers, which are in bloom in early summer, are yellow with hairy receptacle. The fruits are elliptic and glabrous achenes. Despite being a toxic plant, it is currently used in homeopathic medicine.

Common NameSt. Anthony’s turnip
bulbous buttercup
Botanical nameRanunculus bulbosus
Life CyclePerennial
Basic Colouryellow
Height20 -> 60 cm
lawns and pastures
Altitude0-2500 m
Bloom TimeApril -> July
Plant TypeHerb, Bulbous,
Medicinal, Toxic
Fruit TypeAchene
Tell us
Used PartsWhole plant
Plant UsesMedicine
toxic glycoside
USDA ZoneTell us
Sun ExposureSun
Soil pHNeutral
Soil MoistureDry, Moist
Soil Type Silty, Peaty
Propagationby seeds
by division, Self sows
GerminationTell us
Pests/ DiseasesSlugs, snails, aphids

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