Scabiosa columbaria

Scabiosa columbaria

Scabiosa columbaria is a perennial evergreen herb growing to 80 cm height. The basal leaves are grey-green and form a beautiful rosette; however, the upper leaves are pinnate with linear-lanceolate sections. The branched stems hold terminal heads of small blue to violet flowers that produce achenes.


Common NameLesser Scabious / Pigeon’s Scaboius / Small Scabious
Botanical nameScabiosa columbaria
Life CyclePerennial
Basic ColourViolet
Height20 -> 80 cm
HabitatMeadows, arid lawns
Altitude1000 – 2000 m
Bloom TimeJune -> September
Plant TypeHerb
Fruit TypeAchene
different tolerancesTell us
Used PartsTell us
Plant UsesTell us
Tell us
USDA Zone7 (-17), 8 (-12), 9 (-7), 10 (-1)
Sun ExposureSun
Soil pHAlkaline, Neutral
Soil MoistureMoist
Soil Type Sandy, Silty, Clayey, Stony
Propagationby seeds / by sowing, by division, Self sows
GerminationTell us
Pests/ DiseasesSlugs

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