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Solanum elaeagnifolium

Solanum elaeagnifolium

Solanum elaeagnifolium, commonly known as silver leaf nightshade or silver-leaved nightshade, is a perennial multistemmed herb belonging to the Solanaceae family. It has prickly and hairy stems bearing lanceolate, petiolate and hairy leaves, giving the plant a silvery-white appearance. The inflorescence is a solitary cyme of 1–7 flowers with five fused violet petals. Globose berries with flat, greenish-brown seeds are produced by this species.


Common Namesilverleaf nightshade/
silver-leaved nightshade
Botanical nameSolanum elaeagnifolium
Life CyclePerennial
Basic ColourViolet
Height60 -> 90 cm
HabitatCultivated lands,
Altitude>1300 m
Bloom TimeMay -> September
Plant TypeHerb, Toxic, Medicinal
Fruit TypeBerry
Tell us
Used PartsWhole plant
Plant UsesMedicine
Solanine, solasonine,
USDA ZoneTell us
Sun Exposurefull sun
Soil pHAlkaline, Neutral
Soil MoistureDry
Soil Type Sandy, Silty,
Clayey, Stony
Propagationby seeds / by sowing,
by division, Self sows
Germination Tell us
Pests/ DiseasesTell us

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