Thevetia neriifolia

Thevetia neriifolia

Thevetia neriifolia is an evergreen tropical shrub having glossy dark green leaves. The plant usually has several major stems. The flowers are funnel-shaped, fragrant and yellow colored. The fruit is a drupe. All parts of the plant and especially the seeds are highly poisonous.


Common NameYellow oleander, lucky nut
Botanical nameThevetia neriifolia
Life CyclePerennial
Basic Colouryellow / gold
Height< 8m
HabitatEvergreen forests in the lowlands and riparian forests
Altitude0-600 m
Bloom TimeMay -> October
Plant TypeShrubs, Trees, Ornemental, Outdoor, Toxic
Fruit TypeDrupe
different tolerancesTender
Used PartsLeaf, bark
Plant Usesbiological pest control paint with antifungal, antibacterial and anti-termite properties, Ornamental
Active substancesheart glycosides
USDA Zone10 (-1)
Sun Exposurefull sun
Soil pHAcidic, Alkaline, Neutral
Soil MoistureMoist
Soil Type Peaty
Propagationby seeds, by sowing, by Cuttings
GerminationTricky Germinator

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