Trifolium campestre

Trifolium campestre

Trifolium campestre is an annual herb belonging to the Fabaceae family. It is commonly named hop trefoil, field clover or low hop clover. The upper leaves are compound and alternate; the leaflets are oblong or elliptical. The flowers are yellow, hermaphrodite and grouped in hemispherical inflorescences. This herbaceous plant produces one-seeded legumes.


Common NameHop trefoil/ field clover/ low hop clover
Botanical nameTrifolium campestre
Life CycleAnnual
Basic ColourYellow
Height5 -> 50 cm
HabitatRocky lawns, dunes, fields and dry meadows
Altitude0 – 1600 m
Bloom TimeMay -> September
Plant TypeHerb
Fruit TypeLegume
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Tell us
USDA Zone7 (-17), 8 (-12), 9 (-7), 10 (-1)
Sun Exposurefull sun
Soil pHAcidic, Alkaline, Neutral
Soil MoistureDry
Soil Type Sandy, Stony, Rocky
Propagationby seeds / by sowing, Self sows
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