Water plants: Amazing Indoor Plants That Grow Well In Water

Water plants - plants bank

Water plants: The flowers are put in water and the plants in a pot. This is the most common way. But some plants can also grow in water. Growing plants in water is a cleaner and sterile alternative to soil. This technique consists of growing plants in water enriched with nutrients without soil. It is also trendy and allows you to show another side of the plants. You will be able to observe the beauty of the growing plants, to see a core developing, the roots extending in the water and to observe the leaves growing. 

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In this article, we will discover together the most amazing indoor plants that grow in water.

Plants that grow in water

The majority of houseplants can be grown in hydroponics. The following list includes the most common ones: 


philodendron - plants bank
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There are two kinds of philodendrons: those that form long stems (vines) and those whose habit is more “central” or unique. Both can grow in water, but the long-stemmed ones will do even better. Heart-leaf philodendron is also quite adaptable for growing in water. Keep a 15 cm long cutting in a clear glass jar or bowl in a location with bright indirect light. it is essential to ensure that the stems have at least one node. Don’t forget to change the water once in 3-4 days, and it’ll keep growing.

Lucky bamboo

Lucky bamboo - plants bank
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Lucky bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana) is one of the best houseplants that grow in water. Narrow vases are ideal for this plant, depending on its size. This plant may become very top-heavy and require more than just water to stay in place, so make sure the roots are submerged in water and add gravel around them for firm placement and more ornamental touch.


Anthurium - plants bank
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The Anthurium is an ideal plant to grow on water. By rinsing the roots of the Anthurium and placing the houseplant like a bouquet in a vase, it will do wonders in your interior in no time. A wonder to see the roots of the plant grow.


Begonia - plants bank
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All Begonias are doing well in the hydroponic system because of their thick, succulents stems. For begonia cuttings to develop roots the stems in question must have at least one node. Then, for wax begonias, clip a stem and place it in water. For tuberous, Angelwing and rex begonias, a single leaf with the stem attached makes a simple but elegant display. Remember to change the water weekly to prevent the begonia cuttings from rotting.

Spider plant

Spider plant - plants bank
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Spider plants (Chlorophytum comosum) are very interesting houseplants with their narrow, arching foliage and spider babies. As the plants grow, they produce plantlets or pups that you can either grow permanently in a glass pot filled with water. Only let the water submerge the root system and make sure the leaves of the spider plant aren’t submerging in it. Change the water every 2 or 3 days or change the cuttings to a new pot, once they have rooted. 

Wandering Jew 

Wandering jew - plants bank
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Tradescantia is a wonderful plant that adds so much color to our interiors and that is a nearly immortal plant. This great-looking hydroponic indoor plant can be included in any ornamental collection. You can take a stem (while keeping the leaves out of the water) and put it in a container with water, it will take root in a few weeks. You can also use it in a water terrarium. 


pothos - plants bank
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Pothos (Epipremnum aureum) is an amazing, hardy and very pretty houseplant. With its shiny, heart-shaped foliage it can grow in cascades and becomes very decorative. You can take a stem of Pothos and grow it in a transparent container filled with water. In a few weeks, it will take root and continue to grow. Change the water every few days to maintain the correct oxygen level.

English ivy

English ivy - plants bank
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English ivy (Hedera helix) can be your next indoor water plants. Hedera is not only a great houseplant for beginners and experienced gardeners alike, but it is also easy to propagate in water. You can grow cuttings in vases for a long time. Cut off all the lower leaves from an ivy stem and transfer them to a glass jar to enjoy on a bright windowsill.


Coleus - plants bank
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With its colorful, serrated leaves and its incredible patterns, sizes, and forms, Coleus will be the most ornamental addition to glasses and jars and it is among plants that live in water. Furthermore, it develops roots very easily and very quickly and its colorful foliage tolerates even a darker environment. Some Coleus cuttings are potted up once they form roots while others are left to grow in water. 

After choosing your plant, choose the right container and the appropriate location for each species. In fact, any glass jar you own can be used. Use the one that works best aesthetically for your home and your needs. However, make sure the pot is transparent so the roots can get some light.

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