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Lophophora williamsii

Lophophora williamsii, called also peyote or mescal buttons, is a perennial member of the Cactaceae family. It has a small, spineless, soft and very succulent stem that have 4 to 13 rounded and straight ribs. The areoles are covered with a soft, yellowish or whitish hair and no spines. The pink-white flowers bloom after 10 to 30 years. The small pink fruit is edible and contain small black seeds. Peyote is widely used in medicine because of its many health benefits.


Common NamePeyote/ Whiskey
cactus/ Turnip
cactus/ Indian-dope
Botanical nameLophophora
Life CyclePerennial
Basic Colourpink
Height2 ->20 cm
HabitatMountains and
Altitude100 – 1900 m
Bloom TimeMay -> September
Plant TypeCactus, Succulent,
Fruit TypeBerry
different tolerancesTell us
Used PartsWhole plant
Plant UsesMedicine,
Active substancesMescaline,
USDA Zone9 (-7), 10 (-1),
11 (+4), 12 (+10)
Sun ExposureSun
Soil pHNeutral
Soil MoistureDry
Soil Type Stony, Sandy, Peaty
Propagationby seeds / by sowing,
by Cuttings, Self sows
GerminationTell us
Pests/ DiseasesResistant

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