Ribes uva-crispa

Ribes uva-crispa

Ribes uva-crispa is a deciduous Shrub growing on a bush approximately 150 cm tall. It belongs to Grossulariaceae family and commonly known as gooseberry. The stems are flexible and usually spiny. The green leaves are alternate, pubescent and margins toothed, and cannot be edible owing to their toxicity. The bell-shaped flowers are isolated or clustered and their blooming is followed by red and sweet gooseberries.


Common NameGooseberry
Botanical nameRibes uva-crispa
Life CyclePerennial
Basic Colourwhite
Height0.8 -> 1.5 m
HabitatForests and gardens
Altitude1800 m
Bloom TimeMarch -> April
Plant TypeShrub, Medicinal
Fruit TypeBerry
different tolerancesTell us
Used PartsFruit, Leaf
Plant UsesMedicine , Culinary,
Edible fruit
Active substancesTannin
USDA Zone5 (-29), 6 (-23),
7 (-17), 8 (-12), 9 (-7)
Sun ExposurePart shade
Soil pHAlkaline, Neutral
Soil MoistureMoist
Soil Type Clayey
Propagationby seeds / by sowing,
by Cuttings, Self sows,
by layering
GerminationTell us
Pests/ DiseasesGray of the gooseberry,

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