The succulent Christmas tree, the new trend 2020!

Succulent Christmas tree - plants bank
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The succulent Christmas tree? After discovering this new decoration you will undoubtedly say goodbye yo your usual Christmas tree. It is a new trend in 2020, with a new different touch. We already know that succulents are great decorative plants, even when placed separately.

They are also very hardy plants that can withstand the most difficult conditions and require little care. In short, they will be the best choice to create our Christmas tree instead of the other firs that keep losing their leaves. Furthermore, unlike other traditional Christmas trees, you can choose the suitable size and shape for your Christmas corner. 

Find out in this article how to make your own succulent Christmas tree and what are the perfect plants to use to bring joy throughout the season. 

How to make your own succulents Christmas tree?

make succulent tree - plants bank
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In the beginning, the hardest thing is to find the perfect corner for your Christmas tree, but with this new creation, this task will be easy since you can choose the size and shape of your tree. Moreover, your succulent tree can be hanged, put on a table, on a shelf or directly on the ground. 

To make a succulent Christmas tree, you will see, it’s a lot easier to do than you might think, you just need the following materials:

  • Cone frame made with chicken wire or plasticine, wood, hard fabric, …
  • Succulents and cacti in different sizes and colors
  • Sphagnum moss
  • Floral pins

Then follow these steps: 

  • Stand the cone frame in a pot or on other support
  • Slightly wet the sphagnum moss and stuff it in the frame 
  • Insert your plants into the cone frame using the floral pins. Always begin with the larger succulents and put them first in the center and work them up to the top of the tree. Make sure that the end of the cutting is fairly dry to prevent rotten stem.
  •  The festive feel is completed according to your taste by adding lights, a star on the top or other ornaments. 

Which plants should you choose to make your succulent Christmas tree?

Succulents are practical and magical plants to use in your Christmas tree decoration. Not only they are unique and beautiful, but also you can reuse and repot them after Christmas. Indeed, there are many types of Christmas succulents with different stunning colors, but here is a list of the best ones to create specific succulent Christmas decorations:  

Succulents - plants bank
  • Echeveria
  • Aeonium
  • Haworthia
  • Graptopetalum
  • Cotyledon
  • Senecio
  • Pachyphytum
  • Crassula
  • Lithops
  • Kalanchoe
  • Gasteria
  • Sedum

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