11 Best Indoor Succulents

Beautiful and so easy to Grow and care, Succulents are perfect for indoor and outdoor decoration even with conditions that are not always ideal. These plants have developed a great ability to withstand drought and to store water in their leaves, stems or roots. They can be found in over 65 plant families, from begoniaceae to orchidaceae.

Do you like Succulents? And you also enjoy holidays? Lets find out in this article what are the best indoor succulents and how to take care of them.

1. Christmas cactus

Christmas cactus

Schlumbergera commonly known as Christmas cactus or holiday cactus is a small succulent without spines. The erect stems bear smooth and fleshy leaves. The bell-shaped flowers are red, pink or white and usually bloom in winter.  

2. Sedum donkey tail

Sedum donkey tail

Sedum morganianum, commonly known as burro’s tail or donkey’s tail, is a flowering plant of the Crassulaceae family. The stems are pendulous and bear blue-green and lance-shapped leaves. Beautiful pink to red blossoms appear in terminal clusters of 1-6 flowers in summer.

3. Zebra Cactus

Zebra Cactus

Haworthia attenuate, commonly known as Zebra cactus, is a perennial succulent with shapes similar to that of aloe plants. This small plant has thick pointed leaves colored in green and white horizontal zebra-like stripes. Tubular white flowers grouped in clusters bloom from March to October.

4. Crown of Thorns

Crown of Thorns

Crown of thorns, named scientifically by Euphorbia milii, is a thorny succulent in the Euphorbiaceae family. This perennial has bushy and vine-like stems with green oval leaves. It is cultivated for its flowers with two bracts that can be colored in red, pink, white or yellow.

5. Hens-and-Chicks


Sempervivum tectorum or hens-and-chicks are members of succulent plants. The glabrous leaves have purple tips and form beautiful rosettes. Pink flowers grouped in spikes are held by long stalks. They are easy to care for and require little water.

6. Lithops


Lithops or livging stone plants are succulent perennials from semi-desert regions of South Africa and Namibia. These small plants have only two thick padded leaves. Wonderful pink, white or yellow flowers appear between the two leaves in early autumn.  

7. Snake Plant

Snake Plant

Sansevieria or Snake plant is a succulent plant native to Africa and tropical regions. The long and pointed leaves are characterized by a gray-green color with stripes and yellow borders. Sansevieria blooms after many years of cultivation and gives white or yellow clustered flowers. 

8. Panda Plant

Panda Plant

Kalanchoe tomentosa, commonly known as Panda plant, is a green succulent of the Crassulaceae family. His woody stem bears soft and fuzzy leaves with brown spots on the tips. The bloom that appears in spring is composed of small tubular flowers edged with purple.

9. String of hearts

String of hearts

Ceropegia woodii, commonly known by string of hearts is a small succulent of the Asclepiadaceae family.  This species has heart shaped leaves hence its name, which are borne by very thin and long stems. Pink tubular flowers bloom in summer.

10. String of bananas

String of bananas

Senecio radicans or String of bananas is a succulent is a fast-growing plant belonging to Asteraceae family. It has fleshy and banana-shaped leaves with pointed tips. Clusters of tiny white flowers are produced from late winter to early spring.

11. String of pearls

String of pearls

Senecio rowleyanus, commonly known as string of pearls, is a succulent plant of the Asteraceae family. It has many green and beads-shaped leaves. The white flowers  have purple stamens and bloom in winter.

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