7 Inspiring Garden Ideas

2. Place seed trays to grow fresh herbs:

If you love to cook and have a small garden, don’t waste a second in buying seed trays. They are cheap and readily available and are sold in packs. They don’t take much space, and different herbs can be planted in a single tray. One thing to keep in mind is herbs are seasonal, so make sure you plant the seeds at the appropriate time.

Herbs that you can grow in your garden include basil, chives, mint, rosemary, and parsley, among many others. It is best to select the one you often use in your kitchen to cut the cost of buying it from the grocery store. Usually, fresh herbs such as basil are expensive; thus, it is an easy recommendation for a small garden. Mint is quite easy to grow and also has many types such as spearmint, chocolate mint, peppermint, so you have a selection to choose from based on your usage and liking.

3. Place compact furniture:

Every garden, be it small or not, needs a place to sit and relax. Since we are covering small gardens, compact furniture is the way to go. Foldable chairs and tables are a great option, you can easily store them away after using them. It can easily be made into a romantic getaway with your significant other every now and then. You can also enjoy a cup of coffee and get your daily dose of news in the fresh air of your garden in the morning. If you have enough space, you can get a rocking chair for ultimate relaxation. If you have young ones, get some small chairs and a table for them to hang around and enjoy. If done correctly, it can become an excellent spot to hand around with family and friends.

4. Hang the plants as wall decor:

There are plenty of vertical and wall planters to choose from. They are a definite winner for a confined and limited space. Pick one out from your favorite gardening supply shop, place them on the wall, and plant them with your choice of flowers or herbs. You can also select vegetables and grow them in the vertical planters. If you have a reasonable budget, you can pick out some fantastic vertical planters that will increase the beauty of your garden and make it extremely pleasant to look at. It will impress your friends and leave a positive impression.

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