7 Inspiring Garden Ideas

5. Make it colorful:

Colorful flowers will brighten up your small garden and make it more lively. There are ranges of flowers to choose from, but it’s always best to go with beginner-friendly ones that are hard to kill. Sunflowers, marigold, pansies, and cosmos are some of them. Flowers are not only for beauty mind you, they actually increase your quality of life. Their pleasant smell, beautiful colors, and shape are known to reduce stress. They are also an excellent way to engage kids, thanks to their colors, and make them appreciate nature.

6. A small birdhouse to welcome the birds:

Birds are going to visit your garden anyway, so why not embrace them. Their soothing sound is a melody for ears. You can get an elegant birdhouse and use it as a centerpiece of your small garden.    If you have limited space, you can opt for a wall hanging variety. It will be smaller in size but be aesthetically pleasing. Buy bird feed and fill it up daily to further attract the birds, and if you have kids, ask for their help. It will become an excellent way to spend time with them and teach them about birds.

7. Design the perfect landscape:

If your garden is the entryway to your home, you can make a pathway that guides the guest to the house. Use stones to separate the path from the garden, and make the path itself of different material such as wood. Make distinct blocks in the garden using pots, stones, and ornaments. With proper landscape design, you can make even a small patio outstanding. Try to mix things up by trying different color pots, flowers, and plants. Make use of all the space available to you and make use of golden ratio or proportions when deciding where to place things in the garden. If you are not creative enough, you can always hire a professional landscape designer.  They will design your garden according to your needs and space and obviously lower your burden.

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