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  • Albuca spiralis - plants bank

    Albuca spiralis

    Via wikimedia Albuca spiralis description Albuca spiralis, known commonly as “Frizzle sizzle” or Corkscrew Albuca, is a perennial succulent belonging…

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  • Crassula tomentosa - plants bank

    Crassula tomentosa

    by enchanted_ladybird Crassula tomentosa description Crassula tomentosa, known commonly as woolly Crassula, is a perennial or biennial plant belonging to…

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  • Cornus mas - plants bank

    Cornus mas

    via pixabay Cornus mas description Cornus mas, known also as Cornerial cherry or Sorbet edible Dogwood, is a perennial flowering…

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  • Yucca gloriosa - plants bank

    Yucca gloriosa

    via Wikimedia Yucca gloriosa: Plant’s description Yucca gloriosa, commonly known as Spanish dagger or soft-tip Yucca, is a perennial plant…

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  • Mammillaria bocasana cv. Fred - plants bank

    Mammillaria bocasana cv. Fred

    by wikimedia Mammillaria bocasana cv. Fred description Mammillaria bocasana cv. Fred, known also as Mammillaria bocasana f. monstruosa, is a…

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  • Ginkgo biloba - plants bank

    Ginkgo biloba (Maidenhair tree)

    by pikist Ginkgo biloba, named commonoly Ginkgo or Maidenhair tree, is a popular traditional plant which is naturally growing  in…

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  • Aeonium arboreum - plants bank

    Aeonium arboreum

    by pikist Aeonium arboreum, named also tree houseleek, or Irish rose, is one of the most traded species. Firstly, it…

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  • Schlumbergera / Hatiora gaertneri

    Schlumbergera / Hatiora gaertneri Schlumbergera / Hatiora gaertneri, known as Christmas cactus or Easter cactus, is a perennial succulent native…

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  • Monstera deliciosa

    Monstera deliciosa Monstera deliciosa is a perennial plant of the Araceae family, native to warm tropical rainforests in Mexico, Central…

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  • Convolvulus althaeoides

    Convolvulus althaeoides Convolvulus althaeoides is a perennial plant of the family of Convolvulaceae, native of the Mediterranean basin. The whole…

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